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Indian Spices
Essential Oils
Oleoresins & Natural Food Colours
Natural herbal extracts
Medicinal & Ayurvedic extracts
Dehydrated Green Pepper
Pepper in Brine
Flavouring essence
Perfumery compounds

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Research & Development
Processing Phase:
Natural essential oils spice oleoresins are prepared from fresh cleaned spices, herbs and aromatic plants under carefully controlled conditions to retain their characteristic Taste, aroma and colour.

The Spices are subjected to a special cleansing process, so as to cut of chances off odors or off -flavours. The process of essential oils is held out by means of steam distillation, using a number of stainless steel stills.On the other hand spice Oleoresins & Extracts are prepared by batch counter current cold percolation method using safe selective solvents and solvent mixtures in stainless steel vessels most hygienic condittions.

Enjayes specializes in homogenized emulsified uniform products with specified oil content and active principles, confirming to EOA, and FCC specifications, as well as accordance with the requirement of individual buyers.

On the Quality front - A full fledged R&D Department, with its team of research scientists, Chemists and Chemical Engineers ensure uniform standards of quality for the products. Experts at the Enjayes instrumentation and Microbiology laboratory use modern analytical instruments like HPLC,GC and Spectrophotometer for the stringent quality control and product innovations. Organo -leptic test and sensory evalutions further enhance the quality standards. Catering to the quality conscious customers around the globe, Enjayes feels that quality is the key element behind its resounding success.

Lab & Instrumentation:
Modern Equipments and procedures to maintian the quality
Laboratory equipped with all requires state - of - the art scientific instruments

High pressure liquid chromatograph is equipped with the following:-

Fluorescence Detactor
It analysis myeotoxin (ppb level)

Ultra Violoet Detector
It does a quantitative analysis a various quality principles in oleoresins.

GC (gas chromatograph)
The gas chromatograph is equipped with the following:
Flame lonization Detector:
It is used for solvent residues analysis and for detection of the major constituents of essential oils.

Electron Capture Detector:
It is used for pesticide residue analysis

Is equipped withDouble beam ultravoilet detector:

Spice oils and Oleoresins find extensive application in a vareity of field such as flavour fomulation for processed Meal,Sauces, Soups,Diary products, Baked Goods, Fish / Vegetable preparations. Confectionery, Alcoholic and Non - Alcoholic Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Aerosols, Hygenic Products, Perfumes and Tobacco Products.

Natural food colours are widely substituted colorings which are toxic and carcinogenic. Owing to this,there is a conscious swift from synthetic to natural products, all over the world. Extracts from spices, herbs plants flowers and vegetable are a wide range of application in:-

Food Indutries
bltAlcohol beverage and sorting production
bltPharmaceutical Industries
bltManufacture of cosmetics, perfumes and aerosols
bltConfectionary industrious
bltHygenice products
bltTobacco Products

Quality Assurance
Our products are Kosher Certified,FDA & Halal Certified. Enjayes have a comprehensive vision in enhance the quality and grade, as per customer's requirments in the style of 21st century. We specialise in spices oils,Oleoresins, Natural Food Colours and Herbal extracts.

The research and development department with its research scientists,Chemists and Chemical Engineers ensure uniform standard of product quality through:-

bltGas chromatograph
bltOrgano leptic Test
bltSensory Evaluation

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